How can I make dairy-free ice cream?

This is a very good question! Actually, there are plenty of good options for an ice cream base without dairy. We love for example full-fat coconut milk, which works as a base for many different kinds of flavors and gives an amazing, creamy texture. Frozen bananas and other fruits and berries are great too, and even avocado! With nuts and seeds you can also make pure ice cream magic!

If there is no white sugar, how will I get it sweet?

Another relevant question! And yes, we probably can all agree that ice cream needs to be sweet. No question about it. But instead of refined sugars that are traditionally used in ice creams, we prefer natural sweeteners, that are more gentle to the body. For example fruits and berries, maple and coconut syrup are staples in our kitchen. There's more information about natural sweeteners in the book! 

Do you use soy or eggs?

All recipes are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar, but also from soy and eggs. Instead of eggs, we use vegan thickeners such as arrowroot in some of our recipes. There's more information about these thickeners in the book.

Can the ice creams be made without an ice cream maker?  

An ice cream maker is a great investment, as they make ice creams really creamy, but it's totally possible to make delicious ice cream without the machine. We have gathered some great tips for you on how to make homemade ice cream with different methods. All tips and recommendable tools are listed in the book.

 Do these ice creams REALLY taste good? 

Yes they do - we promise! And the great thing about these ice creams is that they're made from high-quality ingredients, so they are totally good for your body and mind. You can indulge them with a loving spirit and a good conscience! 

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